Artist Interview – Peggi Kroll Roberts

Peggi Kroll’s paintings are full of life and energy, using bold colors to punctuate a moment in time. Her work is light and fun, with thick, purposeful brush strokes and a keen understanding of directional light. In addition to her paintings, she also has a series of fashion illustrations whose figures are drawn just as delightfully as the clothes they model.

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1) How do you motivate yourself?  

PKR: As an illustrator there were serious deadlines. That’s motivation enough! As a painter, a creator, all on my own terms it’s much tougher. I just have to show up for work! Many artists realize that it’s not about waiting for divine intervention. You have to build motivation by just starting. It will lead different directions. Sometimes I go out with a painting in mind and I end up cleaning the studio! And that can help me move into pushing the paintbrush or pen around.

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2)  How do you structure your time?

PKR: I try hard to treat work like work. That means spending a certain amount of time in the studio. I like to get out there about 9am. Maybe the day ends about 4 or 5. It depends. I can let things get in the way, like shipping paintings, paper work. But I have to consider that part of the job. I could easily work a 12 hour day with all there is. Many times I save the paper work, taxes, shipping orders to after the studio time. But for real creating time, it varies.

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3) What do you listen to when you work?

PKR: I share a studio with my husband, Ray Roberts, also a painter. Like most husbands, he controls the channel changer. LOL! But we agree on a lot of the choices. We listed to Sirius radio. We like the morning talk shows like Pete Dominic and John Fugelsang. They always have great guests! Basically a lot of political points. And then if Iron Man 1, 2, or 3 is on TV, then it’s switched to that.

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 8.44.04 AM

4) Who are three artists that inspire you?

PKR: David Park, Joaquin Sorolla and my husband, Ray Roberts.

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 8.42.50 AM

5) What’s the best piece(s) of advice you have been given?

PKR: Well, many years ago my mother said to me, “Peggi, don’t ever quit work.” She had to put her career to the to raise 4 children. And very recently, in conversation with an artist I admire greatly, expressing my frustration of feeling stale, she shared with me advice she had received. It was “scare yourself.” I thought that was brilliant. One other gem was when struggling with subject, “title your painting first.”

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6) Describe an object or tool related to your work that you love.

PKR: So many, but I guess if I were stranded on an island I would want my gouache equipment. Oh, and my iPhone!!!

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 8.42.06 AM

7) An anonymous patron has donated $100K for you to build your dream studio, what would it look like and where would it be?

PKR: $100,000.00!!!! Wow! I would like to add to our existing studio and create a larger teaching space with amenities like a full bathroom, studio sink, a kiln for my ceramics and just polished up. I would love to have the cement floor resurfaced. Such a nice dream!

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Find Peggi on Instagram at @peggikr

And online here

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